Adonis Protein Mug Cake

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Size: 400g

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High Protein Snack

Satisfy your sweet cravings with our protein-packed cake! It contains 22 grams of protein per serve

Taste Its So Good

Rich flavors in a moist and soft cake texture,... and it tastes even better than it sounds! You can now have your cake it too

So Easy to Make

So quick and easy to make! Simply add 50g of powder + 50ml of water, mix in a mug, and microwave for 30 seconds! Your Protein Mug cake is now Ready to eat! All measuring cups Included.

Get Creative

Try adding our Protein Cookie Dough or WPI to create a super high-protein snack! You could even add  ice cream chocolate fruit or sweet syrup,


Method How to Make

1. Add 2 levels of scoops 50g powder and one cup 50ml water into a mug and mix well

2. Placed the mug in the microwave and cook for 30-40 seconds

3. Remove from the microwave and eat.

Servings size 50g  Servings Package 8

Average quantity                     per Serving                          per 100g

Energy                                     799kj/191cal                          1600 kj/382cal

Protein                                     22.0g                                      44.1g

Fat total                                   3.9g                                         7.9g

Saturated                                 3.2g                                         6.4g

Carbohydrates                         13.3g                                       26.5g

Sugars                                      4.1g                                         8.1g

Dietary Fibre                            6.2g                                         12.5g

Sodium                                   105mg                                      209mg


Protein Blend 53% whey protein concentrate milk protein concentrate wheat flour inulin vegetable fat coconut oil natural flavors color 150a emulsifier 322 soy baking powder wheat sweetener 955 vegetable gum 412, Contains gluten wheat milk soy.