Kaizen Low Carb High Protein


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The world’s best low-carb, high-protein, keto-friendly pasta —
85% fewer carbs and 3x more protein than regular pasta.

Have you missed making your rice-based dishes? Kaizen is here to save the day. Our rice is low-carb, keto, high protein, high fiber, grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, Kosher-certified, and 100% plant-based.  

High protein 

  • 20g of Protein per serving

Fiber Packed 

  • ​15g of Fiber per serving

Keto Friendly

  •  only 6g carb per serving

Grain & Gluten free

  • No gluten or grains from any kind

Plant Powder

  • Made from 100% lupini beans

Ready in 5-6 minutes

Nutrition Fact

Ingredient:  Lupini Beans these beans are just magic! High in protein, high in fiber, and low in carbs, they pack all 9 amino acids and are a nutrition powerhouse.  Fava Beans the high protein and high fiber in fava beans provide energy AND protein without blood sugar spikes.  Tapioca Starch We use tapioca starch instead of regular flour to bring you a gluten-free, wheat-free pasta experience.