Protein2o Protein Insfused Water Plus Energy

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All the benefits of protein with an energizing boost! Best low-calorie protein drink. We've started with 15g of premium whey protein isolate and added an energizing boost of 125mg of caffeine, so you can get energy through the day. Uniquely formulated to give you a refreshing protein intake


  • Made with whey protein isolate rich in BCAAs, the highest Leucine content of any known protein, necessary for muscle protein synthesis
  • 125mg caffeine per 16.9 oz. bottle (naturally sourced from green coffee beans)
  • Certified OU-D Kosher, gluten-free, lactose-free, no artificial flavors, preservative-free and BPA-Free
  • Provides all 9 essential amino acids and has a Protein Digestibility Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1.0, the highest quality score a food protein can have.
  • 15g whey protein isolate, 0g sugar, 70 calories, 0g carbs