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Quamtrax L–carnitine 3000 is a natural substance essential for the production of energy in the process of fat metabolism. Carnitine in liquid form is faster and better absorbed than other forms of similar amino acids. L-carnitine acts in the mitochondria to transfer free fatty acids in cellular energy factories, where new molecules of ATP are generated. In any case, proper nutrition and Intense exercise are necessary, to achieve the desired results. Quamtrax L–carnitine 3000 is one of the supplements that can help you overcome obstacles.

Quamtrax L–carnitine 3000 is best combined with appropriate and sufficient aerobic exercise. Quamtrax provides 99.9% pure L–carnitine, without additional ingredients which do not have biological activity. L–L-carnitine is an appropriate supplement for recreational and competitive athletes who want to combine appropriate exercise and a regulated diet with weight loss. The product is especially recommended for prolonged aerobic exercise.

Nutrition Facts

Ingredient: Water, L–L-carnitine, L-carnitine tartrate, a sweetener (sucralose), and a preservative (potassium sorbate).

Direction: Take 1 vial daily with sufficient water, 30 minutes before physical exercise.

Recommended use:  1 vialDo not exceed the daily recommended dose.